Cancellation Request

Care Plan Cancellation Request

Web hosting

If you are canceling web hosting, you will no longer be able to access website files and any other tools provided with your plan. We strongly recommend saving copies of all of your files, including web pages, and catalog, to your own computer before canceling. After agreeing to cancel your account, you have 7 days to migrate your website and files. We will be providing you with a copy of your files (WordPress).


Since you are leaving our care plan, all licenses that we currently manage will end and you'll be responsible for the annual payments. Cost can vary from $50 and upwards of $500/year.


For security purposes, CMD Design will not deactivate hosting for a domain without a completed cancellation form. Cancellation requests via email, phone, fax, postal mail, or any other means will not be processed. This is to protect the owner of the website from unauthorized, malicious, or accidental cancellation.


Hosting for your domain will be deactivated on the last day of the month of your last payment (Monday through Friday). Please make sure you have downloaded/transferred all of your files/email and are ready for hosting of the domain(s) to be deactivated before the end of the month, since all files, including email, will be deleted from the server when the site is deactivated. Any DNS entries for your domain will be removed from our name servers.


If you do not wish to be billed for the next month's hosting services, be sure to submit this form before your next billing cycle, or else you will be billed in full for the next month's hosting. Partial month hosting charges are not refunded when canceling hosting. We require at least 30 days' notice.


If you or your webmaster has transferred your site to a different host, you will continue to be billed for hosting each month until you actually cancel hosting by completing this form. This is a safeguard for our customers since we have no way of knowing that you have decided to leave or when your move is actually complete.


After we cancel your hosting account, we will deliver you an archived, zipped file of your website. It will include the files and database that you will need if you decide to reactivate your website or move it to a different host. Please note: We will not be responsible for keeping your website archived on our servers.

Hosting & Care Plan Terms

Please see our Hosting & Care Plan Terms and Conditions;

Website URL/Domain

Please list all domains for which you wish to cancel hosting. To add additional domains, click the plus icon.