Our Process


The Brief:

Q&A time. I will be searching for the reason why you need a new website. It may get a little weird and uncomfortable at times but it won't be as bad as going to the dentist. (If this is a dentist, this will be a piece of cake!)

The Sitemap:

The structure of your website. I will build a visual sitemap so you can see how your site will be laid out. This gets everyone on the same page as far as the structure of the site.

The Design:

The look and feel. This is where everything comes together. We break out the paint brushes and canvas as we bring the concept to reality. The first look at your new site.

The Delivery:

Kicking the tires. The final step in this process, we run your site through test and check to make sure it is ready to go so everyone can see your new site.

The Support:

Keeping it safe and up to date. Our monthly support plans keeps your website’s system and plugins up to date. You can view our monthly care plans here.